You don’t need to limit your choice to local. Every year, hundreds of kiwis choose a British or European caravan to bring home because, even with the cost of freight, they can save thousands of dollars and choose exactly what’s best for them.

We don’t just ship them to your nearest port and wish you luck. We’ll help you find what you need, take care of plug conversions, gas compliance and road safety checks. All you need to do is register, pack and hit the road.


More than you think.

Bailey Senator Carolina 2008
Our customer was quoted $38,000 for this 6 berth model.

We had it landed and ready to go for

Elddis Hurricane 2001
Our customer was quoted $22,500 for this 2 berth model.

We had it landed and ready to go for

Swift Elegance 645 2017
Our customer was quoted $78,000 for this 4 berth model.

We had it landed and ready to go for


Choose your own British or European caravan, or tell us what you’re looking for.

We do all of the paperwork and get you a cost and an expected delivery date.

Payment is arranged and your caravan is inspected, delivered and custom packed in a container by our specialists.

Our team receive the caravan in New Zealand, and arrange for electrical and gas conversions and certification.

We deliver it straight to your driveway.


It probably doesn’t. When we set out to get Kiwis a better range of caravans from the UK or Europe, we thought carefully about what would make the caravan buying experience the best it can be. And we came up with these ideas.

Pre-purchase inspection by a qualified Mobile Caravan Engineers Tech

Remove the risk. We’ll get your caravan fully checked out before you buy it.

If you’re taking bikes with you, you might prefer a long A-Frame

We can sort this out for you. No worries.

Free freight on awnings and accessories

It makes sense to put any extras you need in the caravan. Don’t pay to send these separately.


The sooner we know what you want, the sooner you can start planning your next holiday. Take two minutes to tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll start searching.

Motor MoverOnboard PumpAir ConditioningAwning

Mains water adaptorTowing mirrorsPlastic MattingWindbreakers


  • If I have already bought a caravan, can TWU just arrange the shipping?
    Yes, just get in touch. We’d be happy to assist. We can even keep the freight cost down by potentially pairing one of our own caravans with yours to fill a whole container.

  • Do I need to look after the registration and warrant of fitness on my caravan before it is delivered?
    No, we’ll sort that out for you but if you would like to take care of this yourself we wouldn’t be offended!

  • What if I find a major fault on the caravan after I have purchased it? Who is responsible for repairs?
    We’ll give you a three month warranty from date of collection for any faults with the gas or electric system.

  • When do I pay for the caravan if I buy it through TWU?
    We would require a 50% deposit from you to get the purchase of your caravan started. The remaining 50% would be due upon delivery of the caravan in New Zealand.

  • Do you take credit cards for payment?
    Yes, but we would pass on a 3% transaction fee. We can accept bank transfer in New Zealand for no additional fee. Or, if you wish we can also accept bank transfer to/in the UK.

  • Can I buy caravans from the US?
    You can and we’d be happy to help you ship it back to NZ but we can’t help with the purchase side in the US.

  • What NZ ports can TWU ship into?
    We can ship to Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton and Port Chalmers. We can give you the option to collect the caravan from port yourself or we can arrange transport to you.

  • When I buy a caravan, do I get any accessories with it?
    We include a water pump, water container and waste water container to get you started. We can get an awning for you and a range of other accessories at very competitive prices.