Customer Insight: Blackwell and Sons

Recently This Way Up moved another full container for a happy customer from the UK to New Zealand. Below you can see some pictures of the loading process.

Our customer, Blackwell & Sons currently move 4-6 20FT containers per year to New Zealand. This Way Up is able to save them money on their shipping bill by stepping in and arranging shipping only when they have something moving. As opposed to having someone within their business who is responsible for their freight they can tap into This Way Up’s extensive expertise and network. We can keep the cost of shipping low for them due to our own volumes – a deal that they would likely not get when approaching a freight forwarder with such a small volume.

We can also provide the type of personalised service that many SMEs love but never get from large/high volume freight operators. Here’s what Mr Adam Blackwell, CEO at Blackwell & Sons, had to say of his experience with This Way Up:

“Small business owners often try and do everything themselves in an attempt to save a dollar here and there. But using a professional service like This Way Up enables you to focus on service and customer satisfaction, while experts take care of freight. I save time, I have no stress and I have a single point of contact. And I’m dealing with a SME like mine. It’s personal and responsive and a perfect fit for my business requirements.”