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Buy British and bring them home. It’s easier than you think.

You’ve been thinking about moving a vehicle or caravan from the UK to New Zealand or Australia for a while now. The exchange rates are better, you’ve found what you are after in the UK and you’re all set to go. You call your local freight forwarder to arrange the shipping. Then this happens:

“We only deal with business to business shipping”

“We just do commercial goods.”

“You want to move a vehicle? We don’t ship vehicles.”

Or worse, the team that gave you the quote only included charges up to the destination port. Two days prior to arrival you find out that you need to pay a whole host of other charges for customs clearance, handling, security and container unloading before you can get your hands on your precious cargo. We’ve heard about a lot of these ‘head against a brick wall’ scenarios when people are trying to move a vehicle from the UK to New Zealand or Australia. Enough problems. It was time for This Way Up to design a solution. Most freight companies won’t be keen to move your vehicle or caravan because they don’t like one off jobs or can’t be bothered with the extra paperwork.

If you’re going to DIY this process, and are dealing with a UK based forwarder they may be unaware that a container packing declaration is required for New Zealand and Australia. So remember to give them one to complete when they pack the container. Here’s a link for you in New Zealand (click and then scroll down to New Zealand Sea Container Quarantine Declaration) or Australia (click and then select the first link at the top of the list).

Or you can choose to go hassle free.

Get in touch with the team at This Way Up and we’ll get your new baby delivered smoothly, so all you need to think about is showing it off to the neighbours.