Do you have your eye on a special item or unique goods that you would like to purchase in the EU or UK and get to NZ?


Recently one of our New Zealand based client’s had the dilemma of wanting to purchase goods from Germany but the supplier of those goods was not prepared to arrange export to New Zealand.
This is where This Way Up came in.
We were able to have our New Zealand based customers’ good’s delivered to our facility, from Germany, and then have the goods shipped onto them. We were also able to facilitate the VAT refund for them.
For the purchased items our client was looking at around £3500, in freight charges, to have several large cartons shipped, by international courier, from the UK to New Zealand. For well under half this price This Way Up could get five cubic metres of freight to them via ocean freight. So, although they had to wait slightly longer to get their freight they were able to take advantage of moving more volume at a fraction of what the alternative would have cost.
If you’re thinking about purchasing something in the UK or EU but you have nightmares when it comes to getting it to New Zealand then why not give This Way Up a call? We can move all kinds of freight from bicycles, vehicles and caravans to house fittings, machinery and foodstuffs.

Here’s what our customer (who was referred to in this article) had to say about dealing with This Way Up:
“Busy building a house here in New Zealand…. had a number of very cool bits of kit to put in it…. except they were variously located around Europe. Items ranged from a pendant LED light fitting, to a sparkling water dispenser to a BBQ Kitchen complete with sink and a beer fridge….
I was put in touch with Tig via a friend here in NZ that uses This Way Up routinely.
[This Way Up] coordinated everything from gathering up the items from around Europe, sourcing and procuring additional gas bottles for the sparkling water dispenser, having a crate purpose manufactured, processing VAT refunds and acquiring the necessary dangerous goods certificates.
Service, communication, initiative and delivering the promise – second to none. An outstanding experience, where expectations were exceeded on every occasion”